Trey Duncum

For this design I took a selfie of my face wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses. Then took a picture of the sky. I put the sky picture behind my face. Next I erased part of my face and made a outline in black. Then I added a couple of filters to both the face and the sky so they would match. Next I changed the color of the sky in different parts to look more like space. The final thing i did is add colors to my sunglasses that corresponded to the colors in the sky.


Zach Foster

This image is a basic shot of an original character of mine named Max. I went to Photoshop and took the brush tool, and drew the outline of the image, I had a couple errors, but not simply clicking undo wouldn’t fix. For the eyes, I drew ovals for where the irises would be put and then took a picture of my eyes and distorted them to fit in the oval outlines. This was all drawn with my fingers and I did not use an art pad or anything. For the text, “Max the Cat” I used the text tool and made it I believe to be 48-size font, then I changed the color to red. If you can see it, I also used lines to get some kind of a fur effect since Max is part cat after all.