Graphic Design

Corey Phelps
Bleed you
In order to create this piece, several steps had to be taken before even opening Photoshop. First, I had the original pencil drawing scanned into the computer using a Canon scanner. It was then time to place to jepg into Photoshop immediate the scanner had placed dark marks all over the image. In order to fix these I used the content aware sport healing brush. After that I began cleaning the image up with a white colored brush and context aware brush tools. Next I started the process of color with several shades of red and blacks to add depth to the heart. The adding of the shadows on the outer areas of the heart was created by the burn tool set to darken the shadows. The burn tool was also used to darken the letters Bleed You in the center. The liquify tool was used to bloat the heart as well. Finally, the drips of “Blood” we used by brushes from my Photoshop library. The image was complete at this point but I felt it was missing something. The background was added weeks after I finished this. I need to almost delete the color white with the magic eraser tool then adding countless text layers of hurtful words that an everyday teenager would hear that would hurt him or her.
Corey. phelpsstlp.jpg