Zach Perry
To begin manipulating this image I imported it into Photoshop and cropped the image down to include just the cat’s face. I then used the curve modifier to edit the colors and light. I moved the curves so that the background became black and the cat had a bluish tint.


Taylor Parks
  1. 1. I began with a picture that I had taken of my model that was sitting on a couch in the woods.
  2. 2. Then I took a photograph of my sister holding an umbrella, made it black and white, selected it, and pasted it into the base photo.
  3. 3. After the umbrella was inserted into the photo, I realized that I needed to recreate a hand for the model to be able to realistically hold the umbrella. I selected and copied the fingers from the hand that was already in view and pasted and ordered the fingers to create a second hand that was curved around the umbrella as if the model had originally been carrying it.
  4. 4. I utilized the burn tool and the eraser tool on the layers that involved the hand and the umbrella to get rid of any hard lines and pieces of extra space that were not needed.
  5. 5. Next I decided to adjust the color, darkness, and tone of the picture altogether to create the blue, dreary rain effect. I utilized an action that used several layers to create such an effect including a darkness layer and a blue color fill layer. By adjusting these layers as adjustment layers and erasing the model from them, I was able to darken and colorize the photo to my liking without blacking out the subject.
  6. 6. Once the picture had the tone and appearance that I desired, I created a new layer and used a soft white brush at a very low opacity to paint over the lamp shade, applying more of the brush as I moved into the center to allow for the appearance of a light source.
  7. 7. Next, I copied a photograph of fog, screened it, and applied it to the places that I desired it to be to create the allusion of steam.
  8. 8. Lastly I took a picture of the static that you often see when you accidently choose the wrong channel on your TV. I then took that picture and utilized the motion blur effect, adjusting the distance and angle of the blur to my liking. Then I used the curves tool under adjustments to black out the majority of the strokes created from the blur, creating a texture that resembled rain. I copied and pasted this photo onto a new layer in my current project and screened it to allow for the rain effect that see.