Aaron Lepisto
This piece is a heavy blues/soul oriented piece of which I have composed. The process behind behind its creation is strenuous and required much time and effort. Thanks to past experience with recording software’s, this project was not a first. For this particular piece, I utilized the audio multitracking software, audacity. It began with a basic underlying bass which the rest of the song would then be build upon. Overall, the song was developing in my head as a vague idea with a powerful effect, but illustrating and composing it amongst sound was a challenge. Once the bass track was successfully layed and layered, I next incorporated percussions such as bongos, maracas, and Australian rhythm sticks to formulate a rhythm and heart to the peice. With a sturdy foundation settled and developed. I next added the rhythm guitar to pretty it up and build the volume and tone of the overall piece, making it heavier, musically speaking, and along with the rhythm, came the assisting melody which adds to the rhythm and richness of the song as this point. Each part is its own track, every part is individually layed and layered into the others. From here, I added the vocals. I myself sang, accompanied by my step sister who sang following tones as well. I listened to the song, what I had so far, through headphones and sang my part in real time, and after that, she did the same. At this point, the basic overall song is settled, but there is much more that needed to be done, so the use of lead solo guitar, fills in the space and gives the listener more attraction towards the piece. On some occasions, the recording process would come out strange, requiring me to go in and use specific fine tuning tools such as equilization and normalizaton to cancel out odd variables and ensure that the sound was naturally perceived by the human ear. Editing sound must be done with much precision and care, especially with music where tracks must be in sync, because a mess up can be heard immediately, even by an untrained musical ear. This project in general is set up as if a real band were to record professionally, building and building, except all parts and tracks are composed, recorded, looped, and overlapped by myself (except for assisted vocals, Sarah Wilson, and bass, Nathan Webb) where I had people play my composition for me for one track each.

Lukas Dziatkowski

The song Natural Bridge was created with software loops that were all manipulated to create a new instrument voice for each of the loops. All loops were part of the garageband package from iLife 2008. The loops were: Rock beat 01, Hip­hop bass 01, southern rock piano 01, southern rock piano 02, southern rock piano 03, southern rock piano 04, southern rock piano 05, southern rock guitar 01, southern rock guitar 02, southern rock guitar 03, southern rock guitar 04, southern rock guitar 05. The program garageband was used to apply the various loops to a software instrument that I tweaked to give me the perfect voice on each track. There was a drum track, a piano track, a bass track and two guitar tracks. The guitars featured the most heavily altered voices, whereas the piano simply had the cutoff and reverb slightly tweaked.
In creating this song I went for a Kentucky­like tune. I decided that the best instrument to voice rural Kentucky would be the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar represents the natural beauty of Kentucky, whereas the electric guitar is representative more of the urbanization of Kentucky. When the two guitars combine together it symbolizes how both the urban and rural parts of the state live in harmony to create one spectacular state. The piano and drums are both essentially tour guides that take you through the state. The bass line provides better depth to the song.