A Photographic Novel: En Pointe by Julie Jager and Caroline Farley
The Process

Our ePublishing product is a novel that isn’t typically stumbled upon. We created a novel that is mainly told through photography. The process included creating the story, storyboarding the novel, finding models and props, and taking the pictures needed in order to tell the story. Once we had the concept of the story finished (we edited it throughout the process), we planned out the different shots and the locations we would use to stage the scenes. We took pictures and then began editing the photos in Photoshop. The photos weren’t edited substantially in Photoshop, however, levels, curves, brightness/darkness, and contrast was altered in order to set the tone of the photos for the story. After all of the necessary photos were taken and edited, we put them into iBook. The cover page and synopsis pages were also created in Photoshop.

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